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You can do this over and over again, you don’t need tech skills, ads or funnels, and this crushes in the brick & mortar, finance, e-commerce, B2B and info-product niches.

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Why Start An AI Agency?

If you don't want to spend your life on sales calls and client meetings…

Now you don't have to…

When business owners SEE our Sales Android fill their calendar… their first question is, "HOW MUCH?"

No sales pitch required…

...the best part is we're doing this faster than anything else we've tried in our lives...

Just like Jack:

If you’ve ever wanted a 7-figure one wo(man) agency, you can start on a shoestring and see income in as little as 30 days…

…then taking the next 8.5 minutes to read this page may be the best investment of time you make this year.

The Instant AI Agency is a Shortcut

Before we created the Instant AI Agency model, I was well-known for helping businesses and agency owners generate leads through paid traffic.

I built a good business around this, but, after a while, it became 
harder and harder to be profitable.

Rising ad costs, unstable algorithms and COVID-driven cut-backs meant the dream was slowly turning into a nightmare.

I was working my ass off. I barely saw my family. When I did see them… my mind was busy, my eyes were glazed over. I wasn’t 
really there.

I didn’t know this at the time, but I couldn’t ‘outwork’ my problems.

I was spending more than I made on FB ads due to their ballooning costs. Clients would complain the leads were ‘terrible’ quality and would cancel.

And I’d get cold sweats over whether my whale client was ‘happy or not’ as without them, I wouldn't be able to pay my staff.

Working harder and longer 
wasn’t fixing anything.

So, I went in search of a better way.  

And I found one.

After 18 months of trial-and-error and spending over $500K testing the Instant AI Agency model, we finally reached a point where we were able to not only just bring in 7-figure performance-based deals for our own agency using ChatGPT and SMS…

…but we were able to help even complete AI newbies do the EXACT same.

The Instant AI Agency model allows you to 
land multi-million dollar businesses as clients and get them to hand over their old leads to you…

…which you then feed to an AI robot we call a Sales Android, which then pumps out 6 and 7 figures in sales, that you get a chunky share of.

Now, you have the opportunity to duplicate the entire Instant AI Agency system I built by downloading a 
$5.00 ebook called:

The Instant AI Agency - How I Run $100,000+ Campaigns for Businesses & Rake in $30,000 to $50,000+ for Myself While AI Does All The Work.

Here's how it works:

Rob, Kirk, Liam & Victor Are In A Group Of Over 1,000 New Wave Instant AI Agency Owners Who Are Doing Things Differently…

And you can BET...

This Instant AI Agency model is unlike any method you've heard of before…

…This is something completely different, because…

We don’t focus on building big teams.

We don’t aspire to have 500+ SAAS style clients all paying a pittance per month.

We don't spend all day behind our ads manager.

We don't mess around with Click Funnels or Unbounce.

We don’t focus on being a ‘full service’ agency.

We don't spend money on Facebook or Google Ads to get leads for our clients.

We don't focus on being an offer or content 'creator'.







In fact: We rarely (if ever) create anything NEW for our clients.

The Instant AI Agency Model Freed Me From All That + Allowed Me To Swap Clients For Profit Partners

Clients own your ass - They demand. They complain. They expect you to 'do what they say'.

Profit Partners are your equal - They collaborate. They are happy to share the success with you. If anything, they know they need you more than you need them.

Profit partners don't clock-watch! They only need a couple of hours a week of my time and are still happy to send me $1000s per week in commission checks. Because I've got them the results I promised.

So now, I make more money with less stress.

Here's what my life used to look like (and if you've ever run a digital agency before, then I'm sure you can relate)

It’s a bullet train that will take you straight to 
‘Destination Burnout’.

Playing Russian Roulette with my FB ad account. Would I end the week in a minus? Breakeven? Make a Profit? It was impossible to predict.

Taking crap from clients about 'lead quality', when their sales team weren't calling them.

Churning through clients because they couldn't 'afford' to pay ballooning lead prices.

Feeling like an employee on my client's payroll because I had to 'keep them happy' no matter what.

The amount of money I earned being tied to the amount of hours I worked.

Hiring more and more people, to keep up with our client’s ‘To Do’ list.

Being just another guy offering the same service they've been pitched a million times before.

Chasing clients and begging for their business.

Offering free trials and bargain basement pricing, just to get a foot in the door.

Working with clients that make our blood boil because we don't know IF or WHEN another one will come along.

Every new client relationship feeling like it was US versus THEM.












Instead We Take What They've Already Created & Wasted… And Use AI to Make It 'Like New' Again

Like I said...

This is something completely different and it has the power to change everything for you... and I know that's true...

Because it changed everything for me.

The Instant AI Agency model allowed me to get rid of 99% of all the BS that I hated when it came to running an agency...

Do a ton of mass outreach only to get 1 or two replies and be branded a pest by the rest.

Do convince-y style sales calls that end with “I’ll think about it” & “Let’s circle back on this”

Get asked to provide “proof” out of the wazoo to show credentials and industry authority.

Send the proposal and enter into a battle over the ‘price’

Deliver service only for the client to nitpick and complain over minor details.

Workload starts to creep up as client demands more as they want more bang for their buck

Work more and more hours whilst it becomes harder and harder to be profitable

Feel backed into a corner as clients have been allowed to treat service as a commodity

Client leaves. Start again from step 1.

Repeat this a few times. 1 step closer to burnout, but no closer to having the business you want or the life you want to lead.

Step 1  

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

This ‘Bullet Train to Burnout’ not only sucked for me and kept me stuck for 2 years but it sucked for my family too.

They'd lost me to the grind.

I can't tell you how many sports days I missed. Award ceremonies I was too busy to attend. Anniversary dinners I'd ruined checking my phone.

All the exact opposite of why I started my business in the first place.

I loved helping businesses make more sales but to be honest...

The last 2 years had left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I wouldn't have quit. It's not in my nature.

I'd have just sent myself to an early grave…

…trying harder, working longer, doing more.

Bloody pride!

Thank God for a chance encounter.

Something that opened my eyes to a NEW way of doing things.

Something that - if it worked...

It would change everything.

And as you're about to find out what I tried...

...It worked.

And I spent the last 18 months turning it into a system...


















Step 1  

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

I Put This Entire System In A 167 Page Book Called The Instant AI Agency And You Can Start Reading It In Just A Few Moments From Now…

But before you do.

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about how all this came to be.

My name is Dan Wardrope.

If you’re a lead gen agency or freelancer, our paths may have crossed before?

If you’re thinking Dan who? That’s all good.

I’ll bring you up to speed.

My life is pretty good… I have a beautiful family. I have a thriving business that takes care of itself. I have great staff members who manage the bulk of my workload for me.

I work a couple of hours a day max and I take mornings off to do ice baths, yoga, and whatever else takes my fancy.

Here are some recent snaps:

I’m from a small town called Bathurst, in Australia.

Right now, as I write this, I live in Brighton in the UK.

I wanna take you back a bit though.

This isn’t a rags-to-riches story. I’ve lived a fairly ‘comfortable life’ for a while now.

At 42, I had a life that on the surface, most people would be envious of.

I had a nice car. The nice house. My own business.


If anyone scratched a little beneath the surface, they’d see what was really going on.

I spent all my waking hours either at work or thinking about work.

I had no time for my family.

I was in a self-destructive headspace.

My physical health was the worst it had ever been.

I’m a pretty resourceful dude but I just couldn’t see a way out.

I couldn’t go away for a week on a family holiday and switch off my phone…

By the time I turned it back on, I could be $40k in the hole in ad spend with no chance of making that back.

I had a great team but it didn’t feel fair to put that sort of responsibility on their shoulders.

When the stakes are that high, you don’t have the luxury of ‘switching off’.

If I wanted a successful lead gen business, this is how it HAD to be.

There’s a stupid myth out there that says to be ‘successful’, you need to spend 10+ years building assets that you own so that you can eventually sell the business for a chunky exit.

If you want a life where you can have the time, freedom, and money to enjoy life now, I might RIGHT NOW and not waiting until you're 65 and retired to enjoy life. It’s almost never the answer.

I know, because I tried.

I gave it my BEST shot and it didn’t work.

I Ended Up With A Business That Felt More Like A High-Stakes Poker Game And Where I’d Made Myself The Chief Employee And I Hated It…

I hated it because I had all the stress and responsibilities of a business owner - Making sure there was enough money in the bank to pay my staff, cover my overheads... not forgetting keeping clients happy!

…But I had none of the perks.

I was working long hours like an employee but without the perks of being able to ‘switch off’ as soon as I left the office.

I wanted more out of life.

And working like a dog in my own business in the hope that eventually at 60, I might be able to sell the business and finally live the life I dreamed wasn't going to work.

My kids would be grown up by then.

So I did what everyone else out there does in this situation.

I started looking for a way out.

I looked everywhere and a few months later, I found it. 

I stumbled upon a Facebook group created by a guy I used to follow a long time ago in my SEO and affiliate marketing days.

He’s been around a while and knows his shit. He’s called Travis Sago. 

I always had a lot of respect for Travis and his outta the box thinking. But, when I stopped doing my affiliate marketing stuff, he dropped off my radar.  

In his group and with his help, guys and gals were starting agencies, scaling agencies and creating side businesses…

…by rejecting the idea that they had to spend 10+ years building their own asset when they could just get control of someone else's instead.

Once they got hold of these assets, they’d cashflow them in days, not years... using Travis’ BEAMER method.

The BEAMER method works best with businesses that sell info-products, rather than brick-and-mortar type businesses and is where you’d get a list of a business's buyers and non-buyers, so you could turn them into sales. 

This was a cool concept to me, and as I researched more and more… I found that the majority of the group members were just like me. 

Most of them had successfully built or tried to build a business by creating and owning all the assets.

But every family dinner missed and every hour spent burning the midnight oil was a realization that their work habits were taking them further away from their dream life, not closer to it.

The only difference was, they found a way out.

Leveraging Other People’s Assets Is One Of The Most Legitimate And Easy-to-Do If You Want To Get Paid 6 & 7 Figures, Without Having To Wait 10+ Years To Do It

Just think about it:

Who says we have to build a business for years and sell it? Why can’t we build a business that’s so profitable and runs on autopilot without us, that we’d never dream of selling?

Who says we have to OWN the sales assets to cash flow them? Why can’t we just borrow someone else's asset, cashflow those instead and split the profits.

Who says we have to be the one that does the work? Why can’t we leverage new technology like AI to do the work for us, especially if it means we can get better results for our clients.

Who says you have to wait? Would you rather take 10+ years to cash flow an asset you own or cash flow someone else’s in a matter of days and weeks.

Who says we can’t use AI and still get paid handsomely? Surely, if we’re getting great results, it doesn’t matter if we’re not the ones ‘doing the work’ or not.

Cash Flowing other people’s assets meant I could still have a 7 figure agency without working 15-hour days or playing a high-stakes game of poker with my ad account each week.

And the best part that attracted me to doing it this way?

You Don’t Even Have to Spend A Penny on Ads. Nada.

Which means you can bring in $1000s per week without ever needing to open up your ad manager again.

With Travis’ BEAMER model, all you have to do is take the leads these businesses already have, write a few emails…

…and hire a few $20 per hour salespeople called ‘Tappers’ who take care of the conversations.

For some, that’s where it ended.

But, not for me.

I was sold on the idea of leveraging other people’s assets but, what I wasn’t sold on, was hiring a bunch of salespeople that I’d have to manage.

Thankfully for me, ChatGPT had just burst onto the scene.

And That Was The Birth Of My Performance-Based AI Agency!

After doing a bit of research - I started to offer AI services to clients.

I had no idea how to charge them for my services. I had no idea how to use AI.

I had ZERO clue about how I’d hook up AI to SMS so my robot could chat to people over text.

I had no idea how to onboard an AI client.

All I knew was how to do was make sales.

And even though I had the advantage of having a few techy people behind me who could figure all the AI stuff out.

I still had to figure out the kind of industries this would work for and the types of clients that were a good fit for this.

I had to figure out the best way to structure the deals and what my AI bot would even say to ‘wake up’ an old lead without pissing that person off.  

Looking back, those first few months were brutal.


Late nights.


We actually got it wrong at first!

After all of our years in the lead gen space, we knew one of the main problems clients had was not being able to call their leads fast enough.

If they didn’t hit their new leads in the first 5 mins of it coming in, the chances of that lead answering the phone after that fell through the floor. 

So we tried to help with their ‘speed to lead’.

We were still leveraging the client’s assets, as they were already generating these leads.  

We would just filter them through our AI bot - so every new lead that came in was hit immediately. 

The AI bot would then continue to warm that lead up, ready for the client to take over when they became free.

Unfortunately, this created a different problem.

Even though I was now leveraging someone else’s leads, rather than generating my own.

And even though I wasn’t doing any of the work, AI was…

I was still attracting the kind of people whom I disliked working with back as a lead gen.

Those who sucked at sales.

Those that didn’t have a lot of spare cash and would cancel after two months.

The kind of people that thought AI was their ‘magic pill’ to turn crappy data scraped leads, into high intent search style leads.

There was a lot of churn and burn.

It was a huge setback as I really thought I’d cracked it this time.

And then it came to me.

Yes, there was a huge opportunity to help people work their new leads faster BUT…

I shouldn't LEAD with that…

…because it was attracting the wrong kinda people.

If I wanted big clients, with big budgets, that had sales teams that knew how to close…

I needed to solve their bleeding neck problem.

“All those 1000s of leads you’ve paid for and haven’t bought -
 Give them to us and we’ll use AI to turn them into sales”

That was the turning point!

Grab The Instant AI Agency + Bonuses

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Fast Forward To Today And I Couldn’t Be Happier

I’ve proved to myself the idea of 'following the traditional path' to be all wrong…

Instead of spending and sometimes losing 10s of $1000s per week on paid traffic, trying to generate my own leads so I could build and own my own ‘lead gen’ asset…

I’m now spending ZERO dollars on leads because they’re already there but bring in $1000s per week in sales from my profit partners that I get a share of without doing any of the work.

This was me yesterday morning, taking an ice bath, whilst my AI bot was working for me.

Ice baths might not be your idea of fun. But after playing pro basketball in my younger days, my broken body needs plenty of TLC now.

I have the time to look after myself and my body now.

Unlike traditional agency owners who work 60+ hours a week - Creating assets for their clients, spending more than what they bring in on paid traffic, and fighting tooth and nail to try and sound ‘different’ from all the other SEO, Lead Gen or SMMA peeps out there.

You see, most traditional agency owners are slaves to their clients.

They spend all their time convincing their clients of their worth and yet still live in fear that something small will upset the apple cart and they’ll get fired.

I did this for years, and it not only drove me crazy…

It drove me to the point where I was working 60+ hours a week, I could never step away, and work was all I seemed to think about.

I started my business as my way to gain financial freedom…

Instead, it became a prison that kept me away from all the things that brought me joy.

Wanna Know What The Main Difference Is With The Instant AI Agency Model And That “Old Way” of Doing Things?

I’m no longer a slave to my clients. They know I’m more valuable to them than they are to me.

Which means I get to do the choosing.

I don’t have to put up with their BS. I don’t have to ‘dance for my dinner’ to keep them as a client.

There’s no longer an US vs THEM relationship between my clients and I.

My clients are now my Profit Partners.  

As profit partners, we work together to get the most sales possible out of their assets (their leads).

Rather than doing all those things I mentioned above in order to have a 6-7 figure agency, here’s what it looks like now…

The really cool thing is that…

If you follow every single step that I teach, you end with a highly profitable 6-7 figure business AND the free time to enjoy it…

But it’s much more than that…

It’s The Fastest Way To FU Money I’ve Come Across!

With FU money, you won’t ever need to beg for business or smooch your boss’s butt.

You won’t need to take orders from anybody or bust your ballz to meet someone else’s deadline.

How many agency models have you seen come and go through the years?

People who offer the ‘full service’ agency approach but end up being a master of none.

Those that offer low-ticket SAAS to high-maintenance, mom-and-pop shops and need 100+ clients to hit $10k/month.

Or those that generate leads but can no longer generate them at a good enough price to turn a profit.

My performance-based AI agency has been going for 18 months now and is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, as business owners become more aware that they need AI but don’t know how to leverage it…

The Instant AI Agency model is snowballing. 

Now, speaking of the model…

I’m going to share something that’s a little disturbing with you.

Ready for it?

The #1 Mistake Everyone Else Makes Is Focusing On Being An ‘Expert’ on Their Prahhduct!

Here’s why:

There are two types of agencies out there.

There are the ‘Experts’ and the ‘Innovators'.

Experts think that clients give a shit about their ‘prahhduct’. So they focus their energy on having the best ‘prahhduct’ on the market.

They strive to be an expert on AI, SMMA, Lead Gen, SEO... whatever their product is.

Their strategy is that the more ‘technical stuff’ they know, the more attractive their product/service will be to clients.

And by focusing on this strategy - They spend a ton of time on:


Perfecting every little thing before they launch

Playing around with backend processes

Worrying what their ‘competition’ is doing and whether their _____ has better features.

All of this requires time and energy.

The problem isn’t that people take pride in their work and want to do a good job.

It’s that they’re focusing too much on themselves and not on what matters…

What’s going to get results!

The solution?

Stop Trying To Be an Expert And Instead Focus on Being An Innovator That Only Cares About Results!

That’s right…

I said it, we don’t need to be the #1 AI bot builder on the market who’s an expert on AI Tech…

…because I’d rather get my client's results that they’re ecstatic with an AI bot that’s results-focused, and needs next-to-no attention from me

Than spend hours a day trying to build the most advanced AI bot on the market that can’t turn a lead into a sale and has clients complaining about the results.

No thanks. I dealt with that before and it sucks.

So here’s the deal…

I explain everything in the Instant AI Agency, it’s a 167 page book that shows you everything you need to know.

So Here’s The $1,000,000 Idea Behind The Instant AI Agency Model

Right now, as you’re reading this very page…

There's a lot of activity happening in the digital agency world.

Since COVID, businesses have been expense conscious. They question EVERYTHING.

For agencies, that means how many hours of ‘work’ are being put IN versus the amount of dollars they’re paying OUT.

Big agencies have had to either slash their prices or do way more work to JUSTIFY what they charge.

Smaller agencies that are just starting out, are fighting over scraps.

This has created a race to the bottom where people are offering bargain basement prices, just to get their foot in the door with a client.

Now, most of these agency owners are looking for a new solution…

And as you may have guessed it - we have it.

And what’s really cool is clients are so much more excited about this performance-based AI offer than they are about getting more new leads.


Because we are solving a bleeding neck problem for these business owners that no one has done before.

AND we’re doing it on a performance basis.

That’s Right - Given A Choice They’d Rather Get More Sales Out Of The Leads They Already Have Than Spend More Money On More New Leads, Half Of Which They Know Aren’t Going to Convert

That’s where The Instant AI Agency model comes in…

It does this beautifully in 4 easy steps…

And that’s the difference here.

When you base your business around a performance-based AI Offer, the results are amplified and sustainable. 

Whereas when your sole focus is new leads and creating assets, you’ll find it’s a constant hamster wheel that makes you ‘work-obsessed’ and eventually burns you out.

I'm not saying that building a big business over 10 years with the aim to sell it is bad.

I’m also not saying that creating assets for clients is a no-no either.

What I’m saying is if your goal is to build a successful, profitable business without running yourself into the ground, the traditional agency approach might actually be the thing that’s holding you back from getting it.

Building a traditional agency requires:

Lots of staff and big teams or hiring expensive freelancers

Constant content creation

Huge amounts of money invested upfront

A wide range of specialities and expertise

‘Paying your Dues’ to build up a client portfolio before you can start charging your worth.

Whereas, with The Instant AI Agency model you don’t need any of that.

It just requires an Android and a list of someone else's leads.

And that’s why this is different.

And You Know What? I’ll Stake My Entire Reputation On This One Promise

You can easily get $1k/week, per profit partner, with your Android doing all the work.

And once you start using this Instant AI agency model…

Getting high-value, whale clients that respect you and will pay you for years to come isn’t something you ever need to worry about again - or even think about.

It’s something that will happen naturally because I believe we are solving a Trillion-Dollar Bleeding Neck Problem that no one else is interested in solving for business owners.

Here’s what I want you to do now: set your calendar right now - set it to 30 days from today.

Because if you implement everything I'm going to share with you in the Instant AI Agency book…

That’s when you’ll start seeing your first $1k/week come in from a profit partner.

That’s how easy it is.

I know how ridiculous that sounds… and cliche that sounds…

And Just A Few Years Ago… I’d Say You’re Crazy For Believing Such A Model Existed…

…But, today I know better.

Listen, I don't care how many times you’ve tried to scale your agency, quit your 9-5, or build a successful business. I promise you that ANYONE can cash multiple 6-figure checks with the right model (more on this below)...

Ultimately, I want you to know one thing…

Because over 4,000 others are doing it too. Right now. Within the AI Automation Agency Ninjas Community...

Here are some recent posts:

If I Can Do This, So Can You!

There are wins like this being posted daily.

And Here’s Another Reason You Too Can Do This

It took me years to "figure this performance-based stuff out"...

...and another 18 months perfecting it with AI.

It's safe to say, there isn't anything left for you to figure out.

I already did all of the hard work for you. 

Which means...there’s nothing for you to “figure out”.

You just need to download this book and most important of all - implement it!

That’s it…

Send Me The Book + All The Free Bonuses

Grab The Instant AI Agency + Bonuses

Here’s The Exact 7 Step System Revealed In The Instant AI Agency Book For How to Run $100,000+ Campaigns for Businesses & Rake in $30,000 to $50,000+ for Myself While AI Does All The Work…

Step 1 - The Trillion Dollar Problem
Position yourself as the solution to this for 6 & 7 figure paydays (even as a beginner)

Step 2 - Selling Principles For Maximum Sales
How to get whale clients begging to work with you and asking “How soon can we get started”

Step 3 - The Client-Getting Process
How to Get Multi-Million Dollar Businesses to say YES to you, why we have a 100% close rate and how you can do the same.

Step 4 - Structuring the Deal
Never screw up a deal again by not matching the right deal to the right client. We’ll go through all the different ways to structure the deal so you can get the max amount in profit payments.

Step 5 - Introduction to AI
Get started with AI even if you’re a tech noob and new to ChatGPT

Step 6 - Setting up your Sales Android
This is the AI bot that’s going to do all the work for you. We’ll show you how to set this up in a few clients using simple, non-techy tools.

Step 7 - The Road to 6 & 7 Figure Profits
Now you’re set up, we’ll show you how people like Rob are invoicing £80k in one week and how you can do the same.

Here's What Else You're Going To Discover In The Instant AI Agency Book

If true financial freedom is what you seek, this is the ultimate guide on how to get it.

Why Everyone Selling AI is Going to Fail

How A One-Man Agency From Antibes, Frances, Closes 22 Billion Dollar Companies

Selling Principles For Maximum Sales

The Trillion Dollar Problem And How To Position Yourself As The Solution

How to Create Irresistible Offers That Your Ideal Prospects Can’t Say NO to

How to Hijack The Wealth-Building Formula

Why “Trash Can Assets” = 6-Figure Paydays

The Unique 2-Sentence SMS That Gets 40-60% Reply Rates From Dead Leads

How To Turn a Test Batch Of 935 Leads Into a $36,100 Invoice

The #1 Thing Missing From Even The Best Offers That Slams on The Brakes

Why You Should Sell First, Build Later

The #1 Thing To Focus on to Go From $0 to $20k, Fast

The Traits Good Profit Partners Possess

The Sales Method That Gets Between 60-100% Close Rates

How to Widen The Yes Hole

What to Say To Clients When Clients Drag Their Feet

The “Show, Don’t Tell” Approach That Gets 60-100% Close Rates

The 4-Step Process To Get New Partners - on Easy Mode.

How NOT to F#Ck Up a Deal

The Sniper Approach To Getting Profit Partners

The Build-Free Way to Do an AI Demo

Steal Our Custom Prompt And Build an Android In Whatever Niche You Choose

What An AI Agreement Needs to Include

How To Wake Up Your Warm Audience And Turn Them Into Profit Partners

Different Ways to Get Coffee Dates

How to Turn Your Industry Competition Into Your Ally

Different Ways to Charge And When You Might Use Them

Get Paid Faster With Anchor Points

Get Up And Running With Your Own ‘Sleeping Beauty Android’ With These Simple Steps

How To “Get Your Claws In”, Do More Deals And Increase Sales

The Fast Track to $1k/Week

Niche Recommendations /List of Potential Niches

The Checklist You Need to Follow When Implementing Your AI Sales System


































Those are the 7 steps to landing multi-million dollar clients and cashing multiple 6-figure AI checks.

All of this is revealed in the 167 page Instant AI Agency ebook in step-by-step detail.

Making it a counterintuitive approach to building a 7 figure agency for the person that seeks big results without the time factor.

And that's not all, because...


































Plus I'm Going To Give You Your Own Plug & Play AI Agency Website So You Can Get An Instant Credibility Boost & Start Landing Clients Right Away

We’ve written all the copy for you. We’ve laid it out in a super user-friendly way. We’ve even optimized it for mobile. All you need to do is add your name and logo and you’re good to go.

This Won’t Last Long

The truth is...

I was planning on selling this book for $47, but that meant I had to print copies of it, store them and ship them.

Which would eat up profits and make it much more difficult to help more people.

But then I realized “hey - this is an eBook it doesn't cost me anything to sell other than a few bucks to advertise it”.

By Lowering The Price To $5 It Allows Me To Impact More People And Help Them Take Advantage Of This Once-In-a-Generation Opportunity

I consider that a true win/win.

Also, in most cases, I take a loss when selling the book at this price.

It costs me just over $25.00 in advertising expenses to sell one book.

So why would I do that?

Simple. I'm making this offer with the idea that you'll be very impressed with what I'm giving you today, and you'll want to do more business with me in the future.

I'm betting that you'll enjoy the book so much that you'll call and ask to take additional classes or training from me.

Pretty straightforward. 

Anyway - with all of that said, this is a limited offer.

You're Also Getting our “Land Large Profit Partners the Old Skool Way” Video Training

Forget ads. Forget sending hundreds of emails per day, only to hear crickets. I’m going to show you how to land clients for FREE without feeling like an unwanted pest.

And there's no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for checking out the book.

Plus I’m also including these amazing bonuses:

Deal Structures - Never Low-Ball Yourself Or Lose A Client Because You Couldn’t Agree On The Right AI Deal…

Taking a % cut of each sale on the backend is the easiest and most frictionless way to close deals.

But there might be times when you need cash TODAY…

…and not EVERY client will say yes to a backend profit split.

Sometimes they can’t because their industry states they can’t pay commissions on the back end. Other times (like with big multinational companies) their shareholders are only comfortable paying a set fee per sale on the front end.

If you don’t have a good handle on all the different ways to do AI deals, one of two things is likely to happen.

You’ll either undercharge, throwing away $1000s in the process, and build up hidden resentment.  


You’ll lose the client because you stubbornly tried to fit a round peg into a square hole by offering the wrong deal to the wrong client.

In 2024, there’s no such thing as sales without compliance.

This is especially true when it comes to contacting leads via SMS…

Which means you need A2P approval, and you need it fast.

Without this, you WILL NOT be able to contact your client's leads which means you cannot start making sales or banking AI commission checks.

Getting it wrong = multiple submissions, knockback after knockback, not knowing what you did wrong and waiting weeks (or even months) to be approved.

Getting it right = One submission, right first time, approval within 3-7 days.

Our A2P training gives you everything you need to get it right.

Meaning you’ll be off to a rapid start with your client campaigns and banking commission checks sooner, rather than later.

Oh. And in case you're wondering...


Of course, there's a money-back guarantee.

In fact, I think it's…

A2P Training - Avoid Compliance ‘Cock-Ups’ That Cost You Time And Money With Our Walkthrough Training…

The BEST Money-Back Guarantee In The World

 I want you to be comfortable with your purchase.

And even though it’s only $5.00…

Like my grandpa used to say “Test drive the car before you drive it off the lot”…

So here’s what I’ve arranged:

Download the eBook. Read it. But more importantly, apply what you learn.

And if you’re not blown away…

Then just shoot me an email and request a refund within 30 days.

We’ll refund you your $5.00 and let you keep the Instant AI Agency book free of charge.

How’s that for the world’s best money-back guarantee? I’d say pretty good!

Here’s the world’s best guarantee.

I know that before I get into anything…

…I like to know what I’m buying and that it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.  

Before You Download The Instant AI Agency Book - I Want You To Know There Is Actually A Catch

And since you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you’re ready to order, so with that in mind...

The catch is we're going to upsell you, cross-sell you, and promote everything that we know will help you.

I realize this is very inexpensive and that I'm practically giving it away…

And you're probably wondering:

"If you're doing so well with this, why would you give it away for next to nothing?"

So there has to be a "catch"...

And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This Isn't One Of Them

There's NO hidden "continuity program" you have to try or anything even remotely like that…

..and no you don't have to buy our high-end coaching where we help you implement all this.

I'm literally giving you this entire book, and everything on how this is done for $5.00 as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating real value.

My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.

But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:

This Offer Does Not Expire You Can Buy It Today, You Can Buy It Tomorrow, Or You Can Buy It In A Year…

We don't sell using hype and we don't use marketing tricks or gimmicks to get you to buy it…

You were smart enough to read this far and you're smart enough to recognize a great thing when you see it.

...This is an ebook after all so there is no official "expiration date" and we have virtually unlimited inventory.

But there is one thing that does have an expiration date - which is being an early adopter of AI.

This way of pulling 6 & 7 figures in sales from old leads using AI won’t be ‘new’ forever…

We operate online and everyone can see what everyone else is doing, so with that in mind.

…I give it 1-3 years before "everyone is doing it" - and that's being honest.

The only difference is whether you're going to be an early adopter and get all of the benefits of doing this or do it later after everyone else is already using it.

The choice is yours.

There comes a time when you have to make a choice and that time is now.

The Price To Get Immediate Access To The Instant AI Agency Book & 4 Bonuses Is Just $5 - Here's Why:

Each one of the beta program students paid us $3,000 - $5,000 to learn how to do this….

As you can see from their testimonials… It was money well spent.

Each one of the pre-order buys of the Instant AI Agency book paid us $20 for it but that was a hardcover - and that was money well spent.

This is an ebook - and the price for everything we just told you about is just $5.

That's it.

By lowering the price to $5 it allows me to reach more entrepreneurs and in turn, help them.

I consider that a true win/win.

So why would I do that?


I'm making this offer with the idea that you'll be very impressed with what we're giving you today, and you'll want to do more business with me in the future...

…and that if you find yourself getting enough value - you'll join our other programs where you become one of our high-paying clients.

I'm betting that you'll enjoy the book so much, that you'll reach out and ask to take additional classes or training from me.

Oh. And remember…

There's A Money-Back Guarantee

Download The eBook For Just $5.00! Delivered instantly. Start reading in the next 2 minutes.

Available For Instant Download

Send Me The Book + All The Free Bonuses

Meet Victor, Who After Months of Struggling Signed a Contract With a 5 Branch Solar Company Within Just 6 Days of Starting

Dear Future Instant AI Agency Owner
The laptop of Dan Wardrope
Re: The Most Profitable Way to Earn 6 & 7 Figures (and why the success of your business depends on it)

We can do something you can't.

We can take 1000s of old, dialed-to-death leads every week…

And convert them into $1k, $10k and $20k sales that we take half of.

What’s more…

Those 1000s of leads we get hold of every week - Cost Us Nothing.

..because, as I'll show you in just a minute - they’ve already been paid for!

Making everything we bring in, pure profit.

And the best part?

We don’t do ANY of the work. Our Sales Android does it for us.

Our AI robot sends all the texts. It handles all the replies. It re-qualifies the leads.

It even books the appointments into our client’s calendars for them to close.

Making What I'm About To Share With You The Single Most Effective Method Of Banking 6 & 7 Figures in Profit - In Any Market And Any Niche…

And it all starts with asking a business owner if you can take something they consider dirt (old leads)...

…and turn it into 
gold (new sales).

Combine that with our ChatGPT Sales Android and you’ve suddenly got the offer of the century that business owners can’t help but say YES to.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced agency owner looking for a new profitable way of doing things…

…or looking for a way out of your 9-5 and are starting from scratch…

You can go from $0 to $20k in just a few weeks with the Instant AI Agency model.

If you're skeptical about that…

That's good.

Because there are a lot of people making a lot of promises out there…that don't back them up.

And in fact - they can't back them up (even if they wanted to)

I've been there…

And I know you don't want to hear any more promises…

You Want Proof - Real Proof.

You want proof that it worked for us.

And Most Of All - You Want Proof That's Going To Work For You

But first, read this disclaimer:

I have the benefit of over 10 years of experience as a digital agency owner and have worked hands-on with hundreds of different businesses, generating multiple 7 figures in various markets.

The average person who buys any “how-to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All purchases entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

And yes, it took me time and energy to achieve my results.

With that said... let me jump right in and show you…

I Did It By Using A Totally Counterintuitive Model That I'll Share With You On This Very Page… 

The same Instant AI Agency model that agency owners from all over the world are now using to land whale-sized clients.

...And in turn, bank 5, 6 and 7 figure checks faster than ever before...

...All while working no more than a couple of hours per day, because AI takes over the workload for you.

Meaning they can focus on WHAT THEY WANT.

And best of all, clients now drop to their knees and beg to work with them. They no longer do the begging!

Just Like Rob, Who Started With The Instant AI Agency Model a Few Months Ago. After Only 2 Weeks, He Quit His 9-5 and After 6 Weeks Hit £20k per Month...

Soon after...

He invoiced just over £80,000 in one week.

Then posted this in our private Skool group:

And even though those £80k and £20k checks will mean Rob can pay off his home, that's not the best part...

The best part is he is now seen as his client's trusted advisor. They are coming to him asking “What else can you help us with?” and “What else do you think we should be doing that we’re not?”.

That’s right, Rob’s clients now see him as THE EXPERT in helping them make more money. They respect him, they value his opinion and they are actively looking for more ways they can both win, together.

And Rob isn’t the only one either…  

This Is Kirk, Another Member Who Used The Instant AI Agency Method Not Too Long Ago…

...And less than 30 days in, he’d signed up 4 clients.

Here’s a post he posted in our private Skool Community (which you will have access to once you download the book)...

Here’s another agency owner who started using these strategies…

He spent $50k trying to figure things out but it was The Instant AI Agency model that rescued his business.

Here's A Sneak Peek Of What's Inside The Book 

Get Your Copy For $5 + All These Bonuses

Bonus #1

'Plug & Play' AI Agency Website

Just update the logo, a few details, and publissh your brand new website to gain INSTANT credibility with your future clients.

Bonus #2

Land Large Profit Partners The 'Old Skool' Way

Forget ads. Forget sending hundreds of emails per day, only to hear crickets. I’m going to show you how to land clients for FREE without feeling like an unwanted pest.

And there's no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for checking out the book.

Bonus #3

My Deal Structures Doc

Get my list on every viable deal structure to help you strike agreements quickly with confidence.

Bonus #4

A2P Training

Avoid compliance cock-ups that cost you time and money with our walkthrough training…

YES! I Want The Book + Bonuses!YES! I Want The Book + Bonuses!YES! I Want The Book + Bonuses!YES! I Want The Book + Bonuses!

I’ll talk to you in our private Skool group that you’ll get instant access to as soon as you download your copy of the Instant AI Agency.

Until then, to your success,


P.S. Remember, the Instant AI Agency comes with The BEST Money-Back Guarantee In The World.

Download it, read it, implement it, get results.

And if you’re not happy for any reason (and I mean ANY reason) - just let me know and we’ll refund you your $5.00.

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